Bramall builders hit the high notes!

Posted 27/03/2012

The contractors working on the new Bramall concert building were treated to an impromptu hard hat concert yesterday afternoon.

The team of contractors from BAM, are in the final stages of completing The Bramall Music Building, which is a brand new £16m million auditorium, currently being built at the University of Birmingham.

The 450-seat Elgar concert hall, which will house the University’s Department of Music, will complete the redbrick semi-circle of buildings which have been at the heart of the University since 1909. This new facility will provide state-of-the-art accommodation for teaching and research within the department, of a kind that will match its international status.

The building will also serve as an outstanding venue for conferences and events upon completion and will be available to be booked for your event from autumn 2012 onwards.

Sennet Brass, a Birmingham based professional brass quintet entertained the contractors for half an hour yesterday afternoon. They were lead by the University Concerts and Programming Manager, Jo Sweet (who also plays tuba in the Quintet)

.As well as creating some light entertainment for the team, the concert has also given a valuable performers insight in to the acoustics of the hall, as they performed a selection of Jazz, Baroque and Romantic music, plus the famous 20th Century Fox fanfare.

To complete the concert the Quintet performed Elgar’s “Chanson de Matin”, in honour of Sir Edward Elgar who was the University of Birmingham’s first Professor of Music, and instrumental in the creation of one of the country’s leading music departments.

Slideshow of photos from the Bramall hard hat concert:


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